Packing List Of Essential Gear For Northern Europe

The average temperature in Northern Europe during the time that we will be visiting the area is expected to be around 5C/41F to 10C/50F. To ensure you will stay warm and dry, especially during sea-level explorations, we have provided the following recommended packing list.

Base Layer

Expedition stretch top and bottoms: This lightweight layer is warm and flexible. Both are important for comfort when sitting in Zodiacs. The expedition stretch bottoms have tapered legs that fit easily under waterproof pants.

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Insulation Layer

Loft jacket, vest and/or lightweight fleece: Layer under your waterproof layer. Loft traps heat with remarkable efficiency, even when wet. It is feather light and compacts for easy packing. Loft garments are water repellent and windproof and double as outerwear in mild weather. Fleece is also an insulation layer option but it tends to bunch up when worn with layers.

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Outer Layer

Waterproof Shell: A water- and wind-proof shell is essential clothing, to be worn when participating in sea-level exploring on Zodiacs.

Waterproof pants: Waterproof and breathable pants are also essential when exploring by Zodiac to protect yourself from ocean spray.

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Boots: Comfortable hiking boots. Preferably splash- or water-proof.

Hats, Gloves & Socks

Hat: A cap or a fleece hat with a visor to shade your eyes.

Neck gaiter: For added warmth on chilly days or to keep your neck warm if you are sensitive to cold temperatures.

Gloves: Windproof and waterproof ski gloves.

Socks: Extra heavyweight socks made of wool or wool blend.

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Packs & Travel Bags

Backpack: Lightweight and waterproof backpack for carrying items and keeping your arms free for embarking/disembarking Zodiacs.

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Trekking poles: A lightweight, collapsible, walking staff (also called a trekking pole) provides a sense of security, increased balance, and confidence when walking on rugged terrain.

Seal-proof waterproof bags: Heavy-duty plastic to store your camera, memory cards, binoculars and other electronic equipment.

Binoculars: For wildlife viewing. Compact, high performance binoculars ensure you don’t miss a thing. A pair of binoculars will be provided in your suite to borrow during the voyage.

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Also recommended: A pair of good sunglasses with U.V. filter protection and protective lotion for lips, hands and face.